About Us

Darul Uloom Sawa Us Sabeel Arabic College Trust (Regd)

It is a deep concern that if Makatib’s (Deeni Schools) network is not spread then it is difficult to save Imaan our progeny. The religious scholars, intellectuals and like minded people started appealing to Ulema (Scholars) that effort is required to Organize the Makatibs. Along with modern education with state and central syllabus in order to have pure halal income and livelihood for the students studying in the madrasas.

By the Grace of Allah, Darul Uloom Sawa Us Sabeel Arabic College started in the year 1981, The Founder, Trustee and First President is Late Janab Alhaj Abdul Raheem Saheb and his brothers, who gifted about 3 acres of land to Darul Uloom Sawa Us Sabeel Arabic College Trust (Regd) in 1981, and the First Secretary is Late Janab Abdul Sattar Saheb.

We started with just 4 students. Today we have a strength of 200+. Our commitment towards providing quality education and supporting our ummah is our objective. We have a wide range of academic programs for your child. We not only provide education but also involve the students in skill development programmes like computer and language training.

office bearers and managing committee members

Alhaj Abdul Rahman Arco

Founder And President

Alhaj Abdul Khudus (Altaf)

Founder And Vice President

Dr. Mohamed Imran

Founder And Secretary

Alhaj J Azeem Sherieff

Trustee And Treasurer

Alhaj Nazeer Khan

Trustee And Joint Secretary

Alhaj Shaik Hyder


Alhaj Ather Hussain (Engineer)


Alhaj Moulana Abdul Majeed


Alhaj Mahaboob Pasha


  1. Alhaj Mohammed Zakaria Sahab
  2. Alhaj Mohammed Fazlul Rahman Sahab
  3. Alhaj Mohammed Hidayathulla Sahab
  4. Alhaj Khader Sherieff Sahab
  5. Mufti Mohamed Khalid Sahab
  6. Mohammed Zabiulla Sahab

1. Mohammed Khaleel Pasha Sahab S/O Late Abdul Subhan Sahab
2. Alhaj Shabbir Ahmed Sheriff Sahab
3. Dade Sab S/O Late Abdul Sattar Sahab
4. Shaik Mohmood Sahab @ Baba S/O Late Abdul Gaffar Sahab
5. Abdul Khader Sahab @ Nooru S/O Late Abdul Sattar Sahab
6. Mohammed Ibrahim Sahab S/O Abdul Khuddus Sahab
7. Mohammed Habeebulla Sahab S/O Shaik Mahmood Sahab
8. Mufti Rafeeq Ahmed Sahab S/O Late Abbas Khan Sahab
9. Syed Naseer Munna Sahab S/O Syed Khalandar Sahab
10. Ilyas Khan Sahab S/O Late Nazeer Khan Sahab
11. Wajid Shariff Sahab @ Aqeel S/O Late Abdul Gaffar Shariff Sahab
12. Shaik Abdulla Sahab @ Amjad S/O Late Abdul Razak Sahab
13. Irshad Pasha Sahab S/O Late K.R. Aleem Pasha Sahab
14. Mohammed Sudais Sahab S/O Moammed Ayub Sahab
15. Razik ur Rahim Sahab S/O Late Abdul Rahim Sahab
16. Rahmathulla Sharif Sahab S/O Noorulla Shariff Sahab
17. Abdul Sattar Sahab S/O Abdul Khader Sahab
18. Mohammed Haroon Abid Sahab S/O Late Abdul Rahman Sahab
19. Mohammed Sulaiman Sahab
20. Alhaj Naseeruddin Sahab